The Spring Show NYC Boldly Recast as Spring Masters, New York With Focus on Traditional Art in Contemporary Setting


New York, January 29, 2014—Under the new leadership of Artvest Partners, The Spring Show NYC has been re-envisioned as Spring Masters, New York with a new focus on presenting expertly-selected works of traditional art in a contemporary context. Opening at the Park Avenue Armory on April 30, 2014, Spring Masters will feature a design by architect Rafael Viñoly that reimagines the visual impact, layout, and experience of the fair and reflects the breadth and scope of artistic creation from antiquity through the 20th-century and across cultures and geographic regions. Viñoly’s design includes hexagonal booths and floor plan that encourage and accommodate an array of presentation strategies. The redesign represents the most significant change in the Armory fair format in three decades, and takes advantage of the dramatic setting and sweep of the Drill Hall to create a range of display options that respond to the diverse needs of participating dealers.

“Over the last decade, the presentation of traditional art—art that is not contemporary—has undergone a radical transformation at art fairs in Europe, where it is now shown in the context of contemporary architecture and design. While many leading dealers believe that this presentation strategy successfully engages and attracts new generations of collectors and connoisseurs, the change in exhibition format has been slow to develop in the US. The new Spring Masters responds to this need and the evolution of the market,” said Michael Plummer, Principal, Artvest. “In addition to the new visual experience, Spring Masters remains committed to connoisseurship, curation, and visitor engagement. A mix that is certain to excite and energize experienced collectors, museum professionals, and the arts-interested public.”

Each featured work will be vetted by a panel of experts to ensure authenticity, and the fair fully curated to provide audiences with an experience that well captures the diversity of creative expression across time and place. Emphasizing quality and innovation in the selection and presentation of works on view, Spring Masters coincides with major evening auctions of 20th- century art, contributing to the range and interest of the spring arts calendar in New York and responding to global demand for shows of traditional art and design at this active time in the auction season. The reconfiguration of the show aims to entice new dealers to participate, and a high percentage of 2014 collaborators will be new to the fair.

Artvest is also working with designer Diana Viñoly to create visual continuity throughout the exhibition as well as to inject Spring Masters with its seasonal theme, linking the Park Avenue Armory with the annual Park Avenue tulip display which coincides with the May run of the show. The flowers and greenery will be bridged to the Armory and complemented by a palette of deep, earth hues, further enhancing the visual impact of the show.

“Art fairs are a critical part of the global arts calendar, and have become essential to the vibrancy of cities like London, Basel, and Miami. With Spring Masters providing a new fair in conjunction with the May auctions, there is an opportunity for the global collecting community, museum- goers, and the public to engage with traditional art in New York, in a manner as exciting and compelling as they have previously done with contemporary art. We expect Spring Masters week to become a new destination on the global fair calendar,” said Jeff Rabin, Principal, Artvest.

About Rafael Viñoly:

Rafael Viñoly’s forty-five year architectural practice in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East has been driven by the belief that the essential responsibility of architecture is to elevate the public realm. His deepest focus has been on maximizing opportunities for civic engagement.

Viñoly has completed many critically acclaimed civic projects as well as private and institutional commissions. The opening of the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia in 2001 marked his capacity for creating beloved civic and cultural spaces in the United States. The building prompted other seminal commissions including Jazz at Lincoln Center (New York), the David L. Lawrence Convention Center (Pittsburgh), and the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, all of which resulted in iconic civic gathering spaces in their respective cities.

His work encompasses courthouses, private residences, performing arts venues, and important museum projects, including an expansion for the Cleveland Museum of Art, one of the nation’s leading cultural institutions, along with the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. His museum projects represent an understanding of the importance of space, light, and flow to the presentation and experience of art.

About Spring Masters, New York:

Spring Masters, New York was founded as The Spring Show NYC in 2011 by the Art and Antique Dealers League of America (AADLA). In late 2013, following demand from international dealers that the fair be expanded beyond AADLA members; it was acquired by Artvest Partners.

Artvest Partners re-conceptualized and rebranded the fair to foster a dialogue on collecting and the experience of traditional art. Spring Masters emphasizes connoisseurship, curation, and the visitor experience, and provides audiences with an opportunity to engage with exceptional works of art and design from antiquity through the 20th-century and across cultures and geographic regions. Artvest Partners’ vision is to bring exhibition-like quality and innovation to the fair experience, and to reassert the significance of traditional works to the art market.

About Artvest Partners:

Artvest is an advisory firm that provides business and investment services for the art market. With three decades of experience in art, marketing, and finance, including the rebranding of both Christie’s and Sotheby’s, Artvest offers custom strategies to its clients for structuring and managing art businesses and investments. Artvest is also an advisor to Citibank’s equity research group in their coverage of Sotheby’s stock. The firm fills a need in the industry by introducing a disciplined business and financial focus for collectors and businesses at all stages of engagement with the art market.

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