Collecting Across Centuries

The second edition of Spring Masters New York in May 2015 featured the unique hexagonal fair design created by award-winning architect Rafael Viñoly. The bold design debuted in the first edition of the fair in 2014 representing the most significant change in the Park Avenue Armory’s fair format in three decades. The new honeycomb grid takes advantage of the dramatic sweep of the Drill Hall to open up the space and create a range of installations, creating unexpected juxtapositions between paintings, sculptures and design objects across the centuries.

Past Exhibitors

2015 Exhibitors

2014 Exhibitors

Aicon Gallery | A15
Alexandre Gallery | A16
Avery Galleries | C8
Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts | B3-B4 / B10
Betty Krulik Fine Art | D7-D6
Caretto & Cartategui Fine Art | E12
Carini Lang | B9
Clinton Howell Antiques | A7-A8
Coll & Cortés | B11-B12
Conner • Rosenkranz LLC | C1-C2
David Findlay Jr. Gallery| D13
Drucker Antiques | E7
Forum Gallery | C6-C7
Galerie Rienzo | D7A
Hill-Stone | A9
Historical Design | E13-E14
Hollis Taggart Galleries | E3
Jeffrey Henkel | E10
L’Antiquaire & The Connoisseur | E9
Lawrence Steigrad Fine Arts | C3
Leo Kaplan Ltd. | C4
Mark Borghi Fine Art | C5
Mark McDonald | A17
Martin du Louvre | A12

Max ID NY | D4
Menconi + Schoelkopf | E4
Meredith Ward Fine Art | C5
Michael Altman Fine Art | A1-A2
Michael Goedhuis Gallery | D3
Michael Pashby Antiques | E6
Milord Antiques | E11
Moeller Fine Art | B5-B6
Mullany | A6
Osborne Samuel Gallery | B7-B8
Phoenix Ancient Art | A4-A5
Primavera Gallery | E15
Questroyal Fine Art | C9
Robert Simon Fine Art | D10-D12
Ronald Phillips LTD | B1-B2
Salon 94 | E1
Schillay Fine Art | A14
Soufer Gallery | A10-A11
Thomas Colville Fine Art | C10
Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary | E16-E17
Tomasso Brothers Fine Art | B11-B12
James Francis Trezza | A10-A11
Vojtech Blau | D9
Waterhouse & Dodd | B13-B14
William Siegal Gallery | E8
Yew Tree House Antiques | A13